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Hello! I am a rising sophomore at University who loves art and wishes to improve on this site! I am trying really hard to get myself into a studio art class, but I haven't been able to fit it into my schedule yet. :( I have only ever been able to take one art course thus far, AP Art during my senior year of high school.

I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism on how to improve my art. So I hope you enjoy and please critique what I have uploaded! Thank you!
Okay so I just got the DA warning/disclaimer about Viruses and Malware and I couldn't resist writing this since DA actually gave me this one stupid virus last year like 5 times. I am not mad at DA because it is NOT their fault and LOTS of other sites have this crap but I feel the need to warn people. I fix computers for fun.... My moms boss has paid me fix his computer multiple times and my schools I.T. guy asks me questions often......

:jarksaber: My advice on fighting the wicked forces known as "Viruses!!!" :jarksaber:


:bulletpurple: Do run Firefox. Yes you can still get infected with Firefox, but it will improve your chances of victory against them. Microsoft Internet Explorer will not protect you at all. :no:

:bulletgreen: Do have antivirus software. Start by downloading AVG. It is a decent protection software and is free unlike most stuff out there. You can use other protection programs with/in place of AVG if you would like. But seriously, not having antivirus software is pretty much asking for it. :stupid me:

:bulletred: Do SERIOUSLY consider an adblocker. (They run very well with Firefox) Most viruses that people get are imbedded in ads. Plus, ads can be really annoying.

:bulletblue: Most of these viruses disguise themselves as a Virus Protection Software. Be informed as to exactly what your antivirus software really is so that you won't be fooled.

:bulletpurple: Dare I say it?.... Use a mac. :nod: I know there are some with Macintosh-Phobia, but as one who grew up PC and has used every version of Windows, I must say that after trying (and buying) Mac I will fight to the death you when I say that Mac is superior in every way, shape, and form. If you have never-ending virus issues then Mac may be for you. And for the record you CAN run Windows programs on Mac without any problem. They actually work better on Mac in my opinion.

FIGHT!!!!!! :fight:

:bulletpurple: When you do see the virus RUN AWAY!!! Click back, X out of the screen, end your Internet browser,  Control-Alt-Delete to Task Manager and end Program, whatever it takes to get away from that devil! Whatever you do do mot click "OK", "Next", or "Continue." :skullbones:

:bulletgreen: If you have a downloads window pop up (Firefox has one) when you were not trying to download anything it probably is a virus trying to imbed itself in your computer. Do your best be be fast and stop that bugger in his steps! :siamese: Stop the downloading before it completes! Sadly this doesn't always stop the ugly butt villain completely. It may have been downloading many small viruses and finished imbedding some of them on your hard drive before your could stop them. But at the point where it is downloading, your antivirus, popup blocker, Luke Skywalker, adblocker, etc failed to defeat the virus and all you can do is stop the download. The faster you stop the download the better your chances of stopping the virus.

:bulletred: If you see it turn off your internet connection on your computer. As this demon resides in the fiery pits of the internet rather than hell, disconnecting from the internet will cut off his communications with Satan. This will stop the virus from completing the download and imbedding itself in your computer. Also if the virus is already on your computer, disconnecting the internet will stop the little brat from inviting his icky friends over. :devilish:

:bulletblue: if you saw what the virus was called or its file name, then you can try to search your computer for it and simply delete it from your hard drive. Go to search and have it scan "My computer" so it searches everything. If your computer finds it, delete from your hard drive then you MUST ALSO delete it from your recycling bin. Viruses are like the Joker: locking him in jail up won't stop him. He WILL continue to escape and wreak havoc until batman gets the balls to kill him. :batman: Also, viruses, like the Joker, are smart and sometimes won't allow you to search for them and will lock up control panel, task manager, My computer, etc. But you can always try.

:bulletpurple: Be Proactive like toothpaste. If you think you have a virus or a virus tried to download itself on your computer take action. Don't ignore the problem and be like "Oh it will go away!" NO! FAIL! If you weren't able to find it on your hard drive or delete it TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF! (Manually if you have to since sometimes viruses lock up the Start menu.) Take your baby to a computer person as soon as you think you may have a virus. Letting it fester will only give the nasty worm time to invite other viruses to play and completely screw you over. If you wait too long even Will smith won't be able to save you! :mib: Viruses like to hide in the dark shadowy forrest, invite the other orcs and forces, infiltrate your castle, then strike you down when your can no longer defend yourself. Even if it hasn't reared its ugly head yet and you aren't sure that its really there it's better to be safe than sorry. :evileyes:

:lightbulb: BE SMART! :lightbulb:

My mother was usually the culprit in my family because she is not a computer person and was like, "OMG! It's telling me I have 5 trojans and a bunch of other scary crap!  CLICKY!!!!!!!" and let it download itself. (It's okay mommy! I still love you!!! :petting:)
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